Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain

Dearest Readers,

Time is very tight this morning so a short blog it will be.

An article in the Saturday Globe has me now feeling wonder, awe, amazement and all good words that mean "holy moly".

Brain surgeons no longer have to saw open a human skull to perform certain kinds of surgery. They can now feed an instrument, called a micro-catheter, which is about the thickness of a single human hair, through a blood vessel to seal off an aneurysm and save a patient's life.

The technology is astonishing! Not only am I stunned by the neurologist's ability to perform this feat of medical wizardry but by the person who actually invented and built such a device.

Inspiring Message for the Day: We can do anything! We really can. If we refuse our limitations and let our imaginations take us higher there is no telling what can happen.

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