Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Divine Diving

Dearest Readers,

Someone I know once told me of a dream she'd had of me in which I rolled by her on a skateboard sitting in "boat pose".

For those of you not familiar with yoga, the boat posture, Navasana, is where one sits in a V-shape, resting on sitz bones, legs lifted, upper body lifted, arms steady.

It is an incredibly difficult sitting position that requires deep core strength. In waking life, I and this posture are not really good friends.

My friend was blown away by the dream and in a light-hearted way saw me as super powerful forever after that. As much as I would like to be the skateboarding yogi in her dream I know the dream was about her power and her strength, not mine.

Last night I had a similar dream about having that kind of physical power myself. In the dream, I did a free handstand at the edge of a swimming pool, lowered my legs halfway so that my body was in the shape of a ninety degree angle, propelled myself upright into the air about twenty feet above the pool, hovered for a second or two, and then sliced down into the water in a perfect foot-first dive.

Wow. Totally fearless. Feeling no doubt whatsoever in my ability to do it. Supreme confidence. It was spectacular.

The funny thing is, when I went to do the dive again moments later I was unable to do so. I couldn't remember how I'd gotten up into the handstand, my strength failed me and I fell backward into the pool.

Doubt and fear made it impossible for me to repeat the action.

Years ago I took a dream workshop and learned the Carl Jung approach to dream interpretation and it's a fascinating exercise to go through our dreams using this method. I won't do that here but suffice it to say I believe the dream was about the varying limits of personal power.

Is our personal power limitless? Am I the only limit to the power I have?

I like to believe so.

My doubt is the only thing stopping me from doing a splendid hand-stand, perfect dive. My fear is what stops me from hovering above life's problems.

When "I" get out of the way, when I allow the Life Force Energy of the Universe to work through me, there are no limits to what I am able to achieve.

I awoke this morning with that dream still vivid, that feeling of fearlessness permeating my cells. I'm going to carry it with me all day.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Let me be fearless today. Let me believe that I am able to anything. Anything! Even hover above Earth's problems, with strength supreme.

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