Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kind of...

Dearest Readers,

Lately I've been provoked by Internet challenges. Slowness, no connection, you name it. Depending on how I'm doing personally, my response to this kind of situation is either to shrug it off or to feel my blood actually boiling with frustration.

What I have trouble remembering (but am very grateful when I do) is the idea that problems with computers and other electronic devices are, in fact, an opportunity for me to practice the art of letting go.

If something is not working, walk away. Why is this so difficult? Why do we insist on trying to make something work when it is clearly not going to happen?

It's the old "my way or the highway" syndrome. I want what I want and I want it now. Trouble is, there isn't much serenity to be had with this kind of thinking/behaviour.

The other day, a friend and I were talking about the saying that goes "Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?" My friend said she'd heard a gal say that she didn't "get" the expression for a long time because, well, she was right.

That's the problem. We think we're right.

When that same maxim was taught to me it was presented a little differently. I heard it this way: "Would you rather be right or would you rather be kind?"

This was an easier question to answer. Happiness is elusive. And letting someone/something else be right doesn't necessarily bring it on. But being kind? Somewhat simpler, infinitely more rewarding.

When I'm having technical difficulties and my anger is brewing I am definitely in the "my way or the highway" mode. The thing is wrong and I am right. I should be getting my way.

So how can I put the above saying into practice? How can I be "kind" when the opponent is a computer or an electronic device? Refraining from throwing it across the room is not exactly kind but it's a good start.

I can also look at the fact that it's not helping matters to force my hand. It's not changing the situation. In fact, it's making it worse.

The hardest thing in the world might be to walk away, shut it down, or leave it alone, but by doing so I'm affirming my willingness to surrender. I do not have to be right. I do not have to get my way. I can let go.

It's being kind. To myself.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Honestly, I would rather be right. But being right has never made me a better person. Nor has it brought me any peace. Being kind has taught me humility and infused me with dignity.

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