Thursday, September 24, 2009

Abundance is an Inside Job

The cat has been trying to wake me up for the last two hours but I wouldn't budge.

Poor thing. He was actually hungry. Sometimes he forces me to get up and there is still food in his dish but this morning it was empty and now he's gobbling and crunching his kibbles as though he hasn't eaten for a week.

I was dreaming of a grandmother and her two granddaughters. One of them was sick and I was asking if she'd been to the doctor to make sure it wasn't swine flu.

She gave me a book with a page in it that had been written just for me. It said:


I told her I'd been working on that one for a while. And I have, in waking life.

What I have found is that when I create inner abundance, that is, truly believing that I am everything I need to be by getting rid of the belief systems that tell me that I'm not, the abundance in my outer world expands.

It is vital that I dig out the belief system that tells me I'm unworthy, or that I don't deserve to feel free or prosperous or loved. I must do this in order to believe that I am enough, that I do enough, and that I have enough.

Digging out this old way of thinking is challenging and we can't do it alone. But when we rise to the challenge and seek the help we need to change, we can then experience true abundance, which is a feeling of having and being enough.

Affirmations are great but if I'm still operating from a belief system that tells me I'm a piece of crap then the affirmation is not going to go very far. I have to change the belief system by removing the old way of thinking.

Inspiring Message of the Day: When I seek help and change my inner world, my outer world transforms. I deserve to feel abundant. I am everything I need to be, today, now and always.

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  1. Celia,
    You are so right about the importance of belief systems. Do some visualizing to get rid of that "piece of crap" garbage and see yourself as a creative talented soul.


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