Monday, September 21, 2009

Joining the Masses

This is what I used to think about bloggers:

Self-centred in the extreme. Ego maniacs.

Who thinks that she is important enough to have people read her thoughts about everything and anything? Who cares?

Yesterday I went to see the film Julie and Julia and instead of judging Amy for blogging about cooking her way through Julia Child's book I was inspired.

The movie, however, was not exactly what led to this auspicious beginning.

At 5 o'clock this morning the cat woke me up, as he does every bloody morning, in the cruelest and most unusual way:

He jumps on my stomach from the window ledge above the bed. It's not only a shock to be woken out of a deep sleep, it is painful.

I was mad. Like, ready to hurt him, mad.

So I began to do the thing that I do to survive and thrive in this crazy world: I pray.

Please help me to accept this little beast, help me to understand what it is I'm supposed to do, how can I see this in a different way, how can I love him despite the fact that he is such a pest, show me what to do, free me from my anger, guide me in this situation.

And the idea for a blog just swooped right in.

"I could write a blog to inspire people," I thought. Inspiring Works is the name of my coaching business and Inspiration is Courage.

So here is the Inspiring Message of the Day:

When something happens to me that I do not like, that feels like cruel and unusual punishment, I will see it as an opportunity for growth. I will use it to change the world, be of service, help others. I will thank the person/place/thing that gave me the lesson, for he/she/it is my greatest teacher.

Thank you Julie and Julia. Thank you, cat.

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