Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Mystery

There is a rainbow on my living room rug.

The sun is shining through the window hitting a stained glass frame resting on the sill and the colours of the rainbow are mixing in with the patterns on the Persian rug.

I'm sure there is a scientific explanation for rainbows but I don't wish to know what it is. Don't get me wrong, I like science. I would even go as far to say that I love science.

What I love most about science is that often the scientific explanation for a thing only succeeds in deepening the mystery of its origin.

Once I was riding a train from Montreal to Toronto and I was sitting across from an elderly couple in the "family" seats, where two face two.

I don't remember how we got on the subject but the gentleman asked me if I had read "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. I told him I had struggled through part of it but didn't get all the way to the end.

He said, "What's wonderful about that book is it presents all kinds of information, which is totally fascinating and very, very intelligent but in the end what Hawking tells us is that we still don't know. There are no answers."

This is the Great Mystery.

The Great Mystery is a wonderful title for the Divine, the Force, God, Higher Power et al.

The word "Great" gives it the power and reverence it deserves and the word "Mystery" encompasses the notion that who we are and why we are here is ultimately inexplicable.

The Great Mystery allows us to have faith in the unknown while trusting in the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Power back of all things.

Inspiring Message of the Day: In the words of the great songstress Kim Beggs: Just look for rainbows in gasoline 'cause everything is Divine.

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