Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brain Waves

Dearest Readers,

After taking a listening day yesterday I am feeling very calm and quite grounded. Taking the time to connect with the Higher Self has paid off.

One of the things I "heard" while I was sitting quietly seeking Guidance was "do your homework". Last week I had been given a little assignment by the woman who is my beloved Spiritual Director and I had yet to complete the task.

We had been talking about two conflicting sides of myself and she had suggested I put pen to paper and write the conversation between them using my right hand to represent one side and my left hand the other. Am I ambidextrous? No. I am right-handed. Writing with my left hand is like trying to walk with one leg. But I have done this exercise before and the results have been fascinating and life-altering each time.

The right hand is governed by the left brain. The left brain is logical and the right side of body is "male". The left hand is governed by the right brain. The right brain is intuitive and the left side of the body is "female".

At one point in my walk on the healing path I was doing some work around accepting my male energy, embracing my masculine self. I wrote the conversation between male and female, left brain and right brain, alternating between using my right hand and left hand.

After some back and forth banter, my Masculine Self wrote, "But you hold me in contempt," after my Feminine Self had written, "I love you more than anything. I worship you."

That was a revelation! Was it possible that I could revere the Male while still holding men in contempt? Certainly it was. This discovery was a turning point for me and I began to actively practice loving and accepting my own maleness. Not long after this I chopped off all my hair.

So yesterday's conversation between Logic and Intuition also turned up some eye-opening instructions. I won't share them here as I'm still processing exactly what they mean and I'm not on the other side just yet. Needless to say, this is an exercise that I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking Guidance and feels stuck.

The left-brain/right-brain experience is most beautifully described by Jill Bolte Taylor, who had a stroke and was forced to experience Right Brain Living when the left side of her body shut down. If you haven't watched her TED talk, I leave it with you now. Set aside 20 minutes and watch this. It's phenomenal and seriously inspiring.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight.

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