Saturday, April 24, 2010

Swan-ee, How I Love Ya

Dearest Readers,

When I got up this morning I happened to look out the window and way up high in the blue, blue sky I saw a "V" of swans flying in perfect formation. The rising sun was hitting their undersides turning their whiteness to shining gold. It was such a gift!

We never know what we'll see if we take the time to look. This idea reminded me of a man I once met who had been walking with his head down one day and found twenty bucks. This, he said, had taught him to always keep his head down. "If you keep your head down," he'd told me, "You never know what you'll see."

I remember thinking this was a little bit backward. "Keeping your head down" can mean "to do or say as little as possible in order to avoid problems or arguments" (Free Dictionary) but it can also indicate low self-esteem. I thought this guy was denying himself the feeling of personal power that can come from walking with head held high.

But perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps it doesn't matter where we are looking as long as we have our eyes open. We can have our heads down and find money or our heads up and see signs of summer approaching. Head down or up, it's our eyes that see the Light.

Seeing those swans this morning brought me back to the Reality of Being. I was about to head into the day, guns blazing, attack the "to do" lists with gusto but there they were, those graceful birds calling my attention, stopping me, landing me in the present moment, reminding me of what is truly important: Beauty, Presence, Joy.

Inspiring Message of the Day: We can never be reminded too often to stop, open our eyes and see the world around us. Today I will practice this process of continuing to land in my body, land in my life, land in the Power of Be-ing.

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