Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buying Groceries: Lessons in Compassion

Dearest Readers,

Conversation overheard in an organic food store on Commercial Drive, Vancouver:

Cashier: Yeah, I hate that guy.

Customer: Hate's a pretty strong word.

Cashier: Come on, everybody hates somebody.

Customer: I'd rather just be happy.

Cashier: Yeah, happy people are cool. I like happy people. But not all happy people. Happy people are so "on" all the time. Are you pro or anti-Olympics?

Customer: Oh, anti. I'm pro-people.

Cashier: Yeah, people are cool. Not all people. Most people. Some.

Customer: ...

Cashier: Well, you have a wonderful day!

Customer: You, too.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will heal the hole in my heart that tells me it's okay to hate. I will ask for freedom from the temptation to judge. I will have compassion for those who are not there yet.

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