Friday, February 12, 2010

Dying to be Human

Dearest Readers,

A friend who read yesterday's blog sent me an email that said: "Breaking news……You are not going to die."

He went on to say that the "real 'you' is ethereal, inextinguishable" and, as a result, there is no death.

I also happen to be studying a book by Emmet Fox called Power Through Constructive Thinking and the chapter I am currently on is called, Life After Death.

Fox writes, "There is absolutely no reason to fear death... The actual truth is that there is no death." He goes on to talk about alternate realities and the Greater Truth of Oneness.

"You have nothing to fear in life or death--because God is All, And God is Good."

I understand on a fundamental level that there is no death. And my friend's breaking news was not news to me. I must, however, allow myself to be human in this process of accepting this Higher Truth. In order to arrive at this place of fearlessness I first must acknowledge my fear.

It is simply not enough to say, "There is no death. I get it man. We're all One." Why? Because I'm human. I live in a body, here, on the earthly plane. That means I have an ego, it means I'm going to feel fear, it means I need to process information before I can integrate it into my personal experience of being.

When I was living in Ireland in the mid-nineties I had a lover whose parents had both recently died. One night, after too much Guinness, this lover of mine broke down in tears, grieving this terrible loss. Although I was physically responsive I remember having a conversation (AKA giving a lecture) about grief being useless because death was only an illusion.

No compassion.

We are human. We have to grieve. We have to feel. Accepting that I am connected to the Infinite is vital to my spiritual well-being but acknowledging that I am a person, with a sometimes complicated emotional make-up, will allow me to practice that most integral of spiritual agents: Compassion.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Breaking news: There is no death! I will practice allowing this deeper Truth to travel from my intellect to my emotional understanding, from my head to my heart.

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