Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tech it Out

Dearest Readers,

For those of you that are involved in any kind of show biz career you know that what we, in the industry, call "tech days" are some of the more challenging times in the process of creating a live production.

For the Big O Project, we've got two tech days and 2 shows on the night of the second one. Yesterday was our first.

Save for a couple of SNAFUs, the day went by smoothly and we finished early. One of the glitches we experienced actually bothered me quite a bit and, at one point, I was rather vocal in my vexation.

The situation was resolved at the end of the day and I got an apology for the mistake, which was great.

Upon retiring I reflected back on the day to the moment where I had voiced my distress. Albeit to comic effect, my punishing words were something to the effect of, "Please don't remind of this again because I'm going to poke a f&$%#ing stick in my eye if it gets mentioned one more time."

The perfectionist in me says, "Celia, do it better next time." The recovering perfectionist in me says, "You're allowed to react to stressful situations and you're a funny gal, in an acerbic kind of way."

I like the recovering perfectionist better. She gets my jokes.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Though I am committed to practicing "Restraint of Tongue" I will give myself permission to vocalize my frustration, when necessary!

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