Saturday, February 13, 2010

Judge Judy Presiding

Dearest Readers,

Some time ago, the rock band The White Stripes flew into Whitehorse to play a concert. I wasn't a fan, I'd barely heard their music and I didn't even really know how big they are in the music world, which is huge.

Sometime after their arrival, I got a call from a friend who is also a local reporter. "The White Stripes are going to play an impromptu concert in one hour at Lepage Park. Go." I went. They played, it was a crazy scene and I really dug the performance.

Well, I dug his performance. Jack White. He was dynamic and obviously really talented, not to mention hot. Then there was his sister, Meg. She sat on the ground beside him, hardly moving, never speaking, occasionally shaking a couple of percussive instruments.

As much as I hate to admit this, I wrote her off as lame.

Last night at ALFF, I watched The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights, the documentary that was made as the band toured Canada. The footage includes the stop they made in our fair city and the Lepage park concert. It's a great film.

For two hours I watched this gal, Meg, whose character I had totally assassinated, wail on the drums with the speed and virtuosity of a true maestro. It was astonishing.

After the movie was over I cut myself a great big piece of humble pie and ate the whole thing, bite by bite.

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