Friday, February 26, 2010

More on Acceptance

Dearest Readers,

After I posted yesterday's blog, I wondered if I'd come across as hard-hearted. After all, I was talking about accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. I am aware that this kind of thinking can come across as judgmental and lacking compassion but, in fact, it is my belief that acceptance is borne from Love.

Love is the abiding Force behind everything. Some people will dispute that. It's okay. That doesn't mean it's not Truth. Because we are human, death and illness appear real. That's okay, too. They might appear to be real but they are not true.

This little nugget of wisdom was given to me today and I'm lovin' it. Something might be (seem) real but that don't make it Truth.

I choose to practice acceptance because I trust that somehow the Great Abiding Love Back of All Things is at work, even in the darkest places. Without negating emotional needs or minimizing pain I am choosing to acknowledge what is True rather than give power to what is not.

Inspiring Message of the Day: The human experience is real to us and therefore must be validated but the Truth is greater than our human experience. The Truth is that Love is behind everything and if I trust this Truth I have the key to lasting Peace.

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