Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ce-le-brate Good Times, Come On!

Since I am on the road and do not have the cat waking me up at 5 a.m. I am posting these blogs a little later than usual. I'm also feeling a bit jet-lagged. Three hours is not a huge time change but if you believe that it takes as many days to recover I'm only on Day 2.

My friend is getting married today. I blogged about her a while back. She's the gal who was more interested in taking stock of her emotional process than her guest list. Two other friends of mine are turning 40 today. It's a big day.

I am not yet 40 and I have never been married. I'm imagining what it would be like to be my girlfriend, the one who is getting hitched, right now, this morning, a few hours before she says "I do."

I'd be freaking out!

Well, maybe not. Maybe I'd be cool as a cucumber, ready to seal the deal, commit for life, tie those two loose ends into a knot.

No, I'd be freaking out.

I've been proposed to twice in my life. Once by a man in a bar in Dawson City and once by I man I truly loved and had a strong desire to marry.

Neither one worked out.

My mother, who has been married to my father for 41 years, raised me and my three sisters to be fiercely independent. She actually warned us against getting married for as long as the four of us can remember.

"It's a patriarchal custom meant to secure property and wealth," she'd tell us.

All four of us are now in our early-to-late-thirties. None of us are married. But the first one of us will be by next year.

We've come a long way, baby.

Today is a grey day. It's not ideal for a wedding. Or a birthday party. But I will celebrate with my friends these rites of passage despite the gloomy atmosphere. The birds are still singing. I can hear them through the window, open just a crack.

Inspiring Message of the Day: This is a wondrous life. There are so many possibilities. What is worth celebrating? Find something and rejoice in it. Look beyond the grey into the fullness of be-ing.

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