Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marry Your Self

I usually blog in the morning but my day was too full so here I am in the evening when the day is done, which makes the "Inspiring Message of the Day" rather redundant.

I'm back in my hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon after a week in BC and there is snow on the mountains and the promise of winter in the air. It's getting c-c-cold but the air is fresh and clean. I'm glad to be home.

I just spoke to a close girlfriend who is getting married in two weeks and I was inspired by how committed she's been to her own well-being during the long the build-up to the big day.

"I can spend all my time focusing on the material details like what I'm wearing, the decorations and the food but I'd much rather look at how I'm affected by this huge rite of passage, what it means for me in my life at this time. Deciding to spend my life with someone has changed my whole world and I've been paying attention to everything that it's bringing up."

It's admirable to see a woman being so mindful of her inner process during such a dramatic time in her life. There is so much scrutiny given to how everything is going to look at a wedding and it's wonderfully refreshing to encounter someone giving thought to how the wedding is making her feel.

Today was a challenging day. Arriving home after traveling is never easy. I call this time "re-entry" and it usually requires that I be extra gentle with myself because there's lots of stress and exhaustion. After a day of "to-do"lists and meetings I was uplifted by my friend's determination to take care of herself in the midst of wedding mania.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Nurture the inner process. Let it take precedence over all else. We deserve to put our individual well-being first. When we do this, everything else will be first class.

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