Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trusting Guidance

I recently said to a friend, "All will be well," to which she responded, "That presumes that all is not well right now."

Well, yes and no.

In the realm of the Spirit, all is well all the time. There is no illness, no suffering, no violence. There is only the perfect Life Force Energy of the Universe.

Here on the earthly plane, we have these things called illness, suffering and violence. They are real to us. But are they real? Spirit says no. They are an illusion.

There is a lot of reading to be done on the subject of the real and the not real. Marianne Williamson, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovill Shinn, Emmett Fox, Caroline Myss and many others all have something to say about this subject. Some of it will twist your brain around. Not all of it is helpful but all of it is interesting.

I have found that I need to take what works for me and leave the rest. Years ago I read Louise Hay and I started doing affirmations and found that instead of feeling abundant I was trying to force myself to be abundant. I ended up in control-mode and had no peace. If I got a cold it was my fault and I wasn't doing enough to think healthy thoughts.

It made me crazy.

Years later I discovered a new piece: affirmations are powerful but not if we don't have the belief system to back them up. If I'm affirming "I'm worthy" ten thousand times a day but I still have an old belief system that tells me I'm a piece of sh%$ then I need to clear that belief system out before an affirmation can do its work.

I need help to do that. I can't change my thinking all by myself. My mind is a dangerous neighbourhood -- I don't go in there alone.

I have a team of people I rely on to help me sort out which voices to listen to and I need their steadfast guidance. I receive Higher Guidance through intuition but other people can often be the ground on which intuition walks.

Gather a support team around you: coaches, sponsors, mentors, spiritual directors. Use your support team to find out what works for you, what brings you the most peace. You deserve it!

Inspiring Message of the Day: It helps to read inspiring material written by great teachers but I need to find out what works for me. It must bring me peace.

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