Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rain Rain Come Today

It's currently raining in Whitehorse and the temperature is +1 C, which means the rain is very close to being snow and the streets are probably treacherous.

I could leave the apartment and head out to meet a group of friends for an inspiring lunch-time meeting or I could stay here in my cozies and plug away at my work.

Staying here sounds good.

I was never a big fan of rain. I actually used to say that I hated the rain. Imagine!

I can recall saying those very words to a woman back when I was still living in Montreal. It had been a particularly dreary day and I was feeling inconvenienced by the rain so I was complaining loudly about the drizzle. Her response surprised me.

"I love the rain," she cooed, "Rain makes the grass grow, it nourishes plants and animals, it's life-sustaining and renewing. It's water falling from the sky for us. What a gift rain is!"

I remember thinking, "Bleah. I'm soaking wet and it's grey outside."

But her words began to have an impact. Every time it rained I would remember what she said and over time it slowly dawned on me that she was right. Rain is a life force for all.

She had planted a seed and despite my sour attitude it had grown into a new way of thinking. The negative had become a positive.

Time to get to that meeting!

Inspiring Message of the Day: Try looking at something you don't like in a new way. See the positive aspect and allow yourself to experience the gift it may have to offer you.

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