Thursday, October 15, 2009


May all things move and be
moved in me
and know and be known in me
May all Creation
dance for joy within me.

~ Chinook Psalter ~

I had to look up the word "Psalter". It means "book of psalms". And the Chinook are a Native American tribe from the Oregon region. Though I could not find an actual book there are certainly a number of psalms to be found in a quick search, all worth a read.

A friend sent me this psalm the other day and I printed it out and pasted it in front of me on the desk. It's particularly helpful for the person (me) who has, since she was a little girl, wished to be known by the world.

There is great comfort in a prayer that affirms that I may know all things and all things may be known in me through Creation's joyful dance. It sure takes the pressure off!

Inspiring Message of the Day: When fear arises from the need to be known I can rest in the solace of the Great Knowing. Creation is always dancing for joy within us and we are always and forever known, on the deepest level, by its sustaining Power.

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