Saturday, October 31, 2009

Love Love Love

I started this blog little over a month ago for a few reasons:

One, the cat woke me up at an ungodly hour and, fuming mad, I said a little prayer to help me not to strangle him; Two, I had just seen Julie & Julia, which enlightened me to the idea that a blog could be inspiring; Three, I heard a quiet, little voice from within saying, "Get up and start a blog."

I've been posting every single day (except Sundays) since then and there are currently 5 followers and an unknown number of other readers.

The idea behind the blog is simple: Inspire me, inspire you.

The feeling I get upon waking, in anticipation of writing something, as well how I feel after I post, plus comments I've received from readers, confirm the purpose of the blog as being fulfilled.

So far, so good.

Though I'd be lying if I told you I didn't get anxious about posting. "What am I going to write about? What the heck am I supposed to say to inspire people today?"

This goes against everything I teach when I lead writing workshops: We never have to think of an idea. All we have to do is stay open and let the idea come through us.

So here is what is coming through:

I am in Port Hope, Ontario, to visit my maternal grandparents. My grandfather, who is in his mid-nineties, is bed-ridden, which I did not know until I arrived last night. My grandmother is diabetic and chronically depressed. They still live in their own home and have (at the moment) 24-hour care.

When I go there today I will sit with them and I will be a listener. I will be of support in whatever way I can. I will be present with them in the spirit of unconditional love.

Believe me, there is a lot that I could say to them. I could tell them what I think about their parenting skills, I could give them advice about spiritual healing, I could suggest many changes they could make in order to feel better.

But this is not my job. These things are none of my business.

My only job is to love them. And to be a loving presence in their lives. For one day.

Not easy. But right.

And thank you for reading this message, by the way. Knowing you are out there keeps me going.

Inspiring Message of the Day: It's easy to tell other people how we think they ought to be living. The more difficult path is to simply be a loving presence. By taking the path of unconditional love I bring peace to the situation and to my own heart.

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  1. I recently spent a week with my parents in southern BC and can echo that: "my only job was to love them, and to be a loving presence in their lives, for one week." They're both in tough shape, too, and I know that my last visit may indeed be my last visit. No other fact mattered


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