Thursday, October 1, 2009

Courage 101

The reason the URL address for this blog is called Cultivate Your Courage and why I lead an Inspiring workshop with the same name is not because I am THE MOST COURAGEOUS WOMAN and I am here to teach all of you how to be courageous.

It's because I need to cultivate my own courage everyday to live in this world.

The CYC workshop was originally called Walk Through Your Fear. (You'd be amazed how many people would rather cultivate their courage than walk through their fear!)

Name change aside, the idea for the workshop came to me after a prayer/meditation session. I was seeking guidance around how to generate some income outside of my artistic practice using the gifts and the talents that have been given to me.

What could I do? I could lead a workshop. Okay. What on? What am I a true expert at doing? What do I know well enough that I could teach it?

There it was: I walk through my fear. Every single day. In every situation. I feel the fear and I do it anyway.

Despite the fact that I have the spiritual understanding that there is really nothing to fear, my little human form has a harder time grasping that notion.

Sometimes I wake up in cold, naked fear and I don't know why. I've gone to bed with joy and peace in my heart and when I awaken it's a whole un-brave new world.

This morning I woke up with the fear upon me. Lots of things to feed it: traveling tomorrow, taking cat to the kennel today, beginning of a new month, swine flu blah blah blah.

I did what I always do to cultivate my courage: I prayed.

I heard somewhere that prayer is not for the Power to whom you are praying. It is for you. I agree. When I pray, it is I that am changed.

As I expressed my fear and asked for guidance my heart began to ease, the anxiety began to lift and I was returned to a state of well-being, gratitude and relaxation.

I received the Inner Guidance I needed to live this day fully and passionately, as though it were my last. I remembered that it's not about me, that I am here to be a worker for the Creator.

I don't know how prayer works. I just know it does.

Inspiring Message for the Day: When I speak what is in my heart to the Power that makes the grass grow, the flowers bloom and the wind blow, I receive the strength I need to move forward with joy and fearlessness.

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  1. This is a good account on the power Prayer . Prayer gives you conviction and a new perspective in life . Many a time people resort to all sorts of problem solving rather than seeking the realms with in and this is achieved by prayer
    krishnaprasad v v


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