Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eye See

Dearest Readers,

You know how clouds can sometimes take the shapes of earthly things? We've all seen the cloud that looks like an animal or an every day object. Yesterday I saw an eye.

This eye was so big, it took up so much room in the sky and it was so real-looking, with the pupil and the upper lid clearly defined, the first thought that came to me was, "That's the Eye of God."

It was about 8:45 a.m. and I was driving out of town to work at a colleague's studio. The sun was just beginning to rise above the mountains. The nearest clouds were lit from behind with yellow light and a strip of hot gold ran across the length of the distant peaks, illumining their snow-covered edges. It was a staggering sight to behold.

Then I noticed The Eye. It was dead straight ahead of me, the new morning light shining through its centre. I obviously had to watch the road but I couldn't take my own eyes off it. I felt it looking at me.

Have you seen Avatar? One of the lines that has stayed with me from the movie (paint-by-numbers story, stunning cinematic execution) is something the Na'vi, the big blue creatures who live as One with Nature, say to one another: "I see you."

This Eye in the Sky seemed to be saying just that. "I see you."

For me, believing in a benevolent, loving Force of the Universe is one thing. Believing that this Force knows me and supports me unconditionally is another. It's the difference between faith and trust.

The more I have practiced trusting the more I have been shown that I have reason to trust. It's that simple.

You might say, "It's just a cloud," but when one's prayer is, "Show me your Presence," it's fun to believe that a big giant eye shining in the sky is the answer.

Inspiring Message of the Day: When we keep our eyes and our ears open to the spiritual messages, an everyday object can become a Power symbol, which can then serve as a reminder of Higher Guidance.

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