Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Yoga of Change

Dearest Readers,

A couple of years ago I was having dinner with a fellow yoga instructor and after telling her about a recent transformation I'd experienced through doing some heavy-duty emotional/spiritual work I said, "I want to write a book called the Yoga of Change."

She thought it was a great title and whenever I would go through yet another big change in my life I would remember the vision of the book. Yesterday, I heard a story that could constitute another chapter. Call it "From Terror to Talking Proud."

The story was actually a speech and I heard it in a Toastmasters meeting. In earlier blogs I've mentioned that I'm a member of this organization, which helps people "to practice and hone communication and leadership skills."

I joined because I'm building my business as a professional speaker but Toastmasters is a kind of fellowship and I've gained so much more than I bargained for. It's fun, I've made business connections as well as friends, and my self-esteem keeps growing with every meeting.

The speech that triggered the idea for the aforementioned chapter was given by a man who went from having a debilitating fear of public speaking to landing a job where it was the number one required skill. Confidentiality is important at Toastmasters so I won't tell you exact details but I was absolutely astonished by the story of his transformation.

The Yoga of Change.

Yoga means "union" and specifically the union between the Divine Self and the Individual Self. The Yoga of Change, as I would have it, refers to the kind of change that either comes from actively seeking this union or the kind that unwittingly solidifies it.

I don't think this man was actively seeking to unify his connection with the Divine as he practiced getting up in front of people to speak but by doing so he made the journey from fear to courage. To my mind, he unknowingly unified his connection with the Divine by becoming fearless.

Change is not easy. I'm going through the biggest change of my life right now working on this Olympic project. Every day the fear rears its head and threatens to pull me back. But I do not succumb. I do not let it win.

Thank you to the man who gave his story of courage and hope. Inspiring works!

Inspiring Message of the Day: Today I will use the Yoga of Change to keep moving forward, fearlessly, with the Divine as my steadfast guide.

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