Friday, January 22, 2010

Say it Today

Dearest Readers,

Someone I'm working with on the Big O Project told me he loved me yesterday. This is not a person I know very well, we've only had he opportunity to work together a few times but as he and his group was leaving he shouted, "I love you, Celia!"

Though surprised to hear him say it, I shouted back without hesitation, "I love you, too!"

Driving home I felt so darn happy I can't even tell you. I'd had a day of overwhelm and at one point during the afternoon I was feeling so numb you could have poked me with a stick and I wouldn't have felt it.

After making an outreach call for life support I felt better and headed into the evening session with the group to which this person belongs. We had a challenging but fruitful session and I was in pretty good shape. But this person's "I love you" filled me with profound joy and opened my heart back up.

When a person says, "I love you," it's like water in the desert.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I love you!

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