Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Timing!

Dearest Readers,

In the middle of this past December, my parents sent me a gift package from their home in the US, which is about 2800 miles from where I live. A few days before the 25th, my mother asked if I'd received the parcel. I told her I hadn't. Christmas came and went. No package. We passed through mid-January, a month since the posting, and I still had not received their gift.

"Did you get a tracking number?" I asked my mother. She hadn't.

"Should I send you something else?" she asked me.

"It'll come," I assured her.

The day before yesterday I received a FINAL NOTICE slip for a parcel. (Don't you love it when you receive a FINAL NOTICE and you haven't ever received an initial one?) I sensed that this was the package from my parents.

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up the parcel. Sure enough, it was from my folks. On the customs sticker in my mother's unique handwriting was written "one book".

When I got home I sliced open the box and unwrapped the silver Christmas paper. The book staring back at me? Wait for it: Decoding the Spiritual Messages of Everyday Life.

Now if you did not read yesterday's blog post, Eye See, please go and do so now. If you did, well, you might now be as amazed as I am.

Think of all the things that had to happen for me to get this particular book on the very same day of that particular post. It's absolutely fantastic!

Inspiring Message of the Day: Trust the Flow. Everything is happening exactly as it should. If we can remember this in times of great struggle we can actually relax and let go of trying to plan everything ourselves. The Higher Plan is always at work!

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