Thursday, March 18, 2010

Commit To It

Dearest Readers,

After posting yesterday that I had found a new story to tell this weekend I sat down and started to learn it. Halfway through I thought, "I do not want to tell this story."

Going over the grim details of how and why I moved to Edmonton literally sucked the energy right out of me. So I abandoned it.

Later, as I was walking along the street, I realized the part of the story that I do wish to tell comes later. The inspiring part involves me becoming aware of the Spirit of the Universe working as an active Guide in my life. That's why "God lives in Edmonton."

As the client of a Business Coach and as an Inspiring Coach myself, I am more than familiar with the idea of making a commitment to an action plan. What helps us follow through with that commitment is the verbal statement.

We gotta tell someone and we gotta say it out loud.

When we're procrastinating, when we don't want to do the thing we must do (learn a new story, for example), we can overcome the fear by making the verbal commitment to another person. "I commit to doing XYZ by the end of today."

So, if you don't mind, in the spirit of Self-Coaching and knowing I have a captive audience (AKA Support Team) out there reading this, here goes:

I commit to learning a new story today.

Thanks for receiving it!

Inspiring Message of the Day: It helps to state our goal(s) aloud and to another person. Doing this takes it out of thought and into action. Today, I will tell someone my goal and commit to completing the first action step.

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