Monday, March 15, 2010


Dearest Readers,

Yesterday I saw a young girl I know, an addict, climbing out of a dumpster. She was with her mother, also an addict, and they were collecting cans and bottles for refund. She saw me and I smiled and said hello but her obvious embarrassment kept me from lingering.

At one point in time I was helping this girl, mentoring her, providing guidance and support for her to stay clean. She was doing really well for a while but then she slipped away, spiraling back and down, giving up on herself, relapsing and refusing help.

It was painful to see her leaping out of that big bin of garbage in the alley. But I imagine the pain she is in is much worse. Knowing how far down she's gone to end up inside a dumpster picking through trash to find a five-cent bottle.

I've been reading about reincarnation lately and meditating on the idea that we come back to this earthly plane over and over again until we learn what it is we are supposed to learn. It's an endlessly fascinating concept.

Here is a quote from the book:

"An understanding of Reincarnation not only solves most of life's riddles but serves as a sign-post for all sorts of questions... It is the sovereign remedy for depression and discouragement and regret. It is the gospel of freedom and hope."

I can apply this to the situation of my young friend to help me understand it but you know what? It still hurts.

Inspiring Message of the Day: "Love the suffering." A person might be living out her karma but I can still feel the pain and do my best to respond with compassion.

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