Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember What You Know

Dearest Readers,

Although I have now been back home for over a week after traveling I am continuing to negotiate the murky waters of re-entry mode. This means I move back and forth between feeling totally inspired and excited about my life and total exhaustion and dread.

It was very good for me to go back and re-read that earlier post, linked above. To hear myself say, "Everything can wait. I'm at my best when I'm rested" is a healing balm on the fried wires of my brain.

Indeed, I have been resting. But I've also been very busy working away at all kinds of things, too. Perhaps I've been driving a little too fast, thinking I have to get to the next destination, forgetting that the destination is now.

"What works best is finding a balance between work and rest."

Yes, I really said that. Quoting myself might seem a little bit like megalomania but the wisdom I offer on this blog doesn't really come from me in the first place. It comes from all kinds of wise men and women who have offered it to me and to them it came from Higher Guidance.

So, in fact, I'm taking advice today from the Source of Wisdom itself, the Nap God.

Inspiring Message of the Day: Though I am wise, I forget sometimes what is best for me. I need to be reminded of what my real needs are and today I'm willing to check in with myself to discover what they might be.

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