Saturday, March 6, 2010

Healing Words of a Mystic

Dearest Readers,

An article in The New Yorker magazine about the aftermath of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti stopped me in my tracks yesterday. Rather it was this sentence that did it: "One day, I saw a man tied to a pole, hacked up by machetes and beaten to death with rocks."

The reporter who wrote it was driving through the city helping a woman find food for her community. He saw this and worse.

I couldn't read anymore and I put the article away. Only that morning had I blogged about the inspiration and hope instilled in me by the story of Nelson Mandela's act of unifying his country through forgiveness.

How do we reconcile ourselves with such horror in the world as is taking place in Haiti even now as I write this?

The only way I am able to do so is by shifting my perception to the spiritual. Atrocities cannot be understood with the human mind. We must seek to understand these things through a Higher Lens.

The following quote from Hadewijch of Antwerp helps me to do this:

"We must be continually aware that noble service and suffering are proper to man's condition... [T]he true justice of Love [means that] where Love is, there are always great labors and difficult pains.

Love, nevertheless, finds all pains sweet... With the Humanity of God you must live here on earth, in labors and sorrow, while within your soul you love and rejoice with the omnipotent and eternal Divinity in sweet abandonment.

For the truth of both is one single fruition... [Y]ou must here with Love surrender yourself to both in unity. Serve humbly under their sole power, stand always before them prepared to follow their will in its entirety, and let them bring about in you whatever they wish."

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will practice accepting this world as it is, a world where both Love and Sorrow are True. I will do my best to serve humbly under their sole power, which is the Spirit of Unity Back of All Things.

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