Saturday, March 20, 2010

Power Full

Dearest Readers,

As I've written before, this URL is called Cultivate Your Courage for a reason. That reason is simple: I have had to learn how to cultivate my own courage day after day after day to overcome deep-seeded fears and insecurities.

To live fear-less is my greatest vision.

And Life, (thank-you, Life) continues to present me with opportunities to walk through my fear day after day after day.

Like today. I am privileged enough to be a part of a Film Forum here in Whitehorse that has brought together a handful of film producers and distributors from outside the Territory to meet those of us who are up-and-coming in the industry and hear our pitches.

Last evening, we had a chance to mingle with the delegates and chat with them in an informal and relaxed session. A friend of mine and I were speaking after it was all over and giving ourselves credit for showing up at all. Both of us had had the same thought, "I don't want to go."


This morning, we have the opportunity to pitch our projects to the panel and lemme tellya, if there is anything that can bring up the fear of failure and fear of success in a (wo)man, this is it.

But something has changed in me. I'm not saying the fear is not poking at me like a little pin here and there, jabbing to get my attention. It is. But I am not sick with it. I'm not paralyzed or desperate. I'm okay. In fact, I'm good.

This is because I am employing the tools I've picked up over the years to achieve my vision of being fear-less and they're working.

The one that is really bringing me a sense of calm is the "expect nothing" tool. Maybe these people can help me make my movie and maybe they can't. Who knows? We'll see. One thing I know is that if someone on that panel really wants to help me, it's gonna happen.

So how do I get that person to want to?

I don't.

More tools I'm sharpening and polishing this morning: I can't make anybody do anything and I can't force outcomes.

"I am already enough."

If I go in there determined to somehow make someone want to work with me, I'm doomed. If I go in there feeling like I need these people to make the movie, I'm doomed. None of them have the power to validate me or my work and if I give them that power, that's right, all together now, "I'm doomed."

With or without them, the project I have is of value. With or without them, I have value.

Might seem like a no-brainer to some of you who are perhaps more evolved than I am but for the gal who has sought validation from others for most of her natural born life and for a gal who has believed that someone else is going to discover her talents and make her successful, it's a friggin' miracle.

Newsflash: that someone is me.

Inspiring Message of the Day: The Power I have comes from a Higher Source. It doesn't come from another human being. No one has the power to make me or break me unless I give away my power to that person. Today I will not give away my power. I will own my power by aligning my thoughts and actions with Higher Guidance.

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