Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top Ten Morning

Dearest Readers,

I've only been awake for two hours but here are ten things that have already inspired my day:

1. Watching someone walk through her fear by getting up in front of a group of strangers to give a speech for the first time.

2. Hearing a man say he has never in his life known what it means to be obsessed with something.

3. Feeling the cold, fresh air of a -10C morning.

4. Realizing that it is now light out at 8 a.m.

5. Feeling the deep stretch of my spine in Sarvangasana -- Shoulder Stand.

6. Reading my friend Leanne's blog: Living with Breast Cancer.

7. Watching the sun peek over the mountains and head into the sky.

8. Petting the soft and silky fur of the little monkey cat I live with.

9. Having a brief conversation about the unity and community created by Canada's Olympics and being reminded of what a thrill it was to be a part of it.

10. Breakfast.

Inspiring Message of the Day: I will name ten things that have already inspired me so far today. I will do this to remind myself how amazing life is and how rich it is to be awake and alive.

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