Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dearest Readers,

It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday with spring-like temperatures outside. I am young, healthy, talented and prosperous. I have a lovely home and a full, abundant life. So why am I full of anxiety?

Because I am in the process of working on fulfilling one of my dreams, which is to make a feature film, and it's triggering fear. Because I'm about to go traveling for 10 days and it's triggering fear.

If there's anything I've learned on the healing path, it's that no matter how far I've come, no matter how much progress I've made, the fear will still get triggered when I take any kind of action that requires me to surrender control and take risks.

So what is the point, you ask? If you do all this work and the fear still comes up, what is the f'n point?

Well, the point is this: the fear may come up but it doesn't have to take charge. It doesn't have to control the situation. It doesn't have to make the decisions. It can quite simply come up.

Then the work begins. No one said fulfilling your dreams was going to be easy. Life is not a wishing well. I gotta do the footwork. I have to take the action steps necessary to manifest the vision. And when I do this all my Old BS will come to the surface to stop me.

That's when things get uncomfortable. And that is when we tend to give up, avoid, procrastinate, abandon ship and bail. But today, I refuse to bail and so I must learn to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

I heard that little gem this morning on an inspiring phone call. Boy, does that hit home! If I can stay with the discomfort, knowing that it's coming up because my Old Belief Systems are being challenged, then I can learn to observe, relax and let go.

So I'm feeling uncomfortable but I don't run for the hills. Instead, I do what needs to be done to move forward.

First, I name it. Check. Next, I share it with someone else. Check. Then I might say a prayer or do a positive affirmation to help me relax. Check. Finally, I do the next right action.

The next right action might be footwork around the vision or goal or it might be resting or it might be something else. I can find out by getting quiet and going within or calling a friend and talking it through. But no matter what, I do not have to let the fear win.

Those of you who are regular readers already know that one of my visions is to live fearlessly. Does this mean there will be a day when I never have to experience fear again? That would be good. Until then, when the fear comes up I do what's necessary to overcome it.

Inspiring Message of Day: Today I will take action toward fulfilling my dreams and when the fear arises I will practice getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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